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STS: Mahathir feels 'lonely' in Putrajaya

5/11/2001 2:34 pm Mon

[Sepatutnya Mahathir sedar itulah tanda kegagalan wawasannya. Kenderaan awam seperti bas cuma sebuah yang lalu setiap jam dan itupun belum tentu lagi. Teksi pula tidak berminat kerana rugi pulang kosong tanpa penumpang. Kalau adapun penumpang mereka tidak berani kerana mungkin itu jembalang.... Bukankah di sini tempat jin bertendang? Jangankan manusia, haiwan seperti burung pun gerun dan tidak suka untuk terbang ke sini. Cuba perhatikan betul-betul - tidak banyak haiwan berkeliaran di Putrajaya. Mesti ada sebabnya haiwan pun tidak sudi..... - Editor],1870,81903,00.html?

Mahathir feels 'lonely' in Putrajaya

PUTRAJAYA - Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it was 'lonely' living in Putrajaya because very few government servants who are supposed to move to the administrative capital have done so although their houses were ready.

'I feel a little lonely here. I hardly have any neighbour and I hope more people will move here,' he said.

'I've checked with the Election Commission recently and I was told that at the moment there are only 28 registered voters here,' he said at the Prime Minister's Department family day gathering at the nearby Wetland Park yesterday.p> He said his only neighbour is the government's former chief secretary, Tan Sri Abdul Halim Ali.

'After Tan Sri Halim, I am Putrajaya's second resident. I am longing to see more people.

'It is my hope that more people will move here and make Putrajaya no longer a lonely place. Then we can organise not only family days but also visit one another and foster closer interaction among us,' he said.

He was making a point about the delay in the issuance of Certificates of Fitness (CFs) for new houses.

Dr Mahathir said he was informed that most of the houses have yet to be issued the CFs by the relevant authority.

He said thousands of houses and apartment units had already been completed but many remained unoccupied as the owners could not move in until the CFs were issued.

'I ask why there are no people... apparently because CF was not yet available. Here we are talking about government officers themselves, why don't they issue the CF to each other? Why take so long?' he said, evoking laughter from the crowd.

The Prime Minister said he did not wish to see bureaucratic red tape impede the issuance of certificate of fitness for occupancy - a process which, he said, should be a regular exercise.

Speaking to reporters later, he said: 'I hope the relevant authority will speed up this process. I don't understand why it is such a problem to them because I don't expect them to inspect every single unit.'

'In the case of a high-rise unit, they can just check at random, so that it will not take a long time.'

--Bernama,The Star/Asia NewsNetwork