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TOI: 15,000 Islamic militants rally against Powell visit
By TimesIndia

17/10/2001 11:31 am Wed

[Di Malaysia pembangkang hanya berani bersyarah di malam hari dan kutip derma isi poket sendiri!!!! - Mat Teropong

Di Malaysia lebih banyak bising dari tindakan.... bayangkan umat Islam Thailand telah menganjurkan boikot barangan Amerika walaupun jumlah mereka tidaklah seramai mana.
- Editor

15,000 Islamic militants rally against Powell visit

QUETTA: The southwest Pakistani city of Quetta was shut down Monday in line with a nationwide strike as about 15,000 Islamic militants rallied against a visit by US secretary of state Colin Powell.

The crowd filled a disused cricket stadium for a third time since October 7, when the US began its retaliation for the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington.

"America must die" the crowd yelled in unison as Taliban battle flags flew across the stadium. Demonstrators gave clenched-fist salutes and chanted their support for the Taliban regime and alleged terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden.

The rally was organised by the Jamiat-Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) and protestors again lashed-out at Pakistan's military ruler Pervez Musharraf, his support for the US campaign and the detention of senior JUI leaders. JUI chief Fazalur Rahman was released from house arrest in the southern capital of Karachi on Sunday only to be arrested again early Monday after travelling overland to Quetta.

"Musharraf has no respect for allowing infidel forces on the sacred land of Pakistan to attack a neighbouring Muslim country where true Islamic laws are enforced," a cleric, Maulana Haqqani, told the rally.

Another cleric, Hafiz Hussain Sharoodi, said Powell would be able "to gauge the sentiments of Muslims and their sentiments against Americans."

Powell was scheduled to arrive in Pakistan late Monday and then travel to India. Afghanistan and Kashmir are expected to figure prominently in talks with leaders from both countries.

His arrival came as American-led bombardments which senior Islamic religious figures here have described as terrorism entered a second week.

"America is evil. It always played havoc on Muslim lands like Washington is doing now in Palestine," Sharoodi said.

The rally dispersed peacefully amid a heavy police and military presence.
( AFP )

[Di Malaysia macam mana? - Mat Teropong

Di Malaysia rajanya pergi berubat di luar negara walaupun sakitnya bukanlah seteruk mana berbanding seorang lagi yang sedang merana. Dan di Malaysia penyakit melompat sudah biasa asalkan ada wangnya.... walaupun itu bererti melanggar sumpah dan ikrar sebelumnya. Juga ada yang tidak seberapa penting menjadi lebih penting dari ketuanya. Aziz Shamsuddin dan Musa Muhamaad tentu ada pelbagai kisah untuk dicerita.
- Editor

Taliban deny minister's defection

DOHA: Confusion reigned on Monday as to the whereabouts of Taliban foreign minister Wakel Ahmad Mutawakel amid signs of his possible defection. The Taliban maintained that the reports were false.

The official UAE news agency WAM reported that Mutawakel - who has not been seen or heard from for days in Afghanistan - went to Islamabad on Sunday and may have defected. "He may represent dissidents within the Taliban after a row with Mullah Mohammad Omar," WAM said, quoting informed sources. The UAE had cut off ties with the Taliban in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

Taliban's former charge d'affaires in Abu Dhabi, Aziz Abdurrahman, was quoted by the Qatari channel as denying reports that the minister had defected. "This has no impact on the unity of the Taliban," he said, adding that the Islamic militia "is seeking mediation" by Islamic countries with the United States.

Subsequently, Arab satellite news station Al-Jazeera reported that Mutawakel arrived in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) overnight seeking to push Islamic countries to mediate with the United States, an Arab television station said on Monday.

According to Al-Jazeera, the trip by Wakil Ahmed Mutawakel, who went to Pakistan on Sunday, was allegedly made "in consultation" with Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.

The Taliban, however, denied reports that foreign minister Wakil Ahmed Mutawakel had left the country and said their supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar was still alive. Officials of the United Arab Emirates also maintained, that Mutawakel was not in the country. "He is not here," an official source said.

The report came as Afghanistan's influential ex-monarch Mohammad Zahir Shah sent a senior delegation to Pakistan for talks with President Pervez Musharraf, sources close to the former royal family said Sunday.

But sources said the dispatch of the delegation has upset the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance, with which the former monarch agreed on October 1 to form a supreme council that can elect a head of state and transitional government.

US Secretary of State Colin Powell left for South Asia on Sunday in an attempt to strike a delicate balance between nuclear rivals India and Pakistan as well as explore options for post-Taliban Afghanistan.

With the US-led war on terrorism in Afghanistan prompting violent anti-US protests and exacerbating India-Pakistan tensions over Kashmir, the State Department has classified Powell's itinerary as "secret."


US offers Taliban role in future state [Portion Only]

By Raymond Whitaker

17 October 2001

Signs that the Taliban government might be crumbling included news of a clash in Kandahar between Taliban police and armed Arabs, and a mysterious visit to Pakistan by the Afghan foreign minister, Mullah Abdul Wakil Muttawakil. He was reported to have asked for a three-day pause in the bombing campaign to allow him and other Taliban officials to travel to Kandahar from Kabul in an effort to persuade the Taliban's leader, Mullah Mohamad Omar, to hand over Osama bin Laden.

Since the bombing began, the Taliban has repeated an offer to send Mr bin Laden to a third country for trial if the US showed what evidence it had against him, but President George Bush has consistently refused to enter negotiation.