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Washington Report Not A Hoax, says Bernama - But Wait!!
By Evolution

13/9/2001 1:04 am Thu

[Sila melawat laman web jamesmadisoncenter ini dan perhatikan alamatnya... - Editor]

I just checked. There is no American Defense Council at 1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20006. In its place, I found the James Madison Center for Free Speech, a center that is in no way interested in Malaysian matters. Their contact info: Phone (812) 232-2434; Fax (812) 235-3685.

For more info, please visit their website: < href="">


The New Straits Times, 12 Sept 01, p2:

Washington report not a hoax, says Bernama

Kuala Lumpur, Tues. - Bernama denied allegations by DAP chairman Lim Kit Siang that the national news agency had "perpetrated the biggest hoax" with its report on Malaysia by the Washington-based American Defence Council (ADC).

Bernama editor-in-chief Jaafar Hussin said the claim made by Lim that the ADC could be a "phantom creature" was not true as the organisation has a permanent address and a registered telephone number in Washington.

The two page report had described Malaysia as the most politically and democratically stable nation in Asia. It also hit out at PAS, calling it "the best organised of the reactionaries opposed to a modern state based on the politics of tolerance, diversity and inclusion".

ADC, in its statement, also identified its office address as 1747 Pennyslvania Avenue NW, Washington DC and telephone number as (202) 271-3959.

In rebutting Lim's allegations, Jaafar said: "It is our standard practice to only release statements after verifying the source of the statements."

Jaafar also said the Bernama report which was reported by local newspapers on Saturday did not originate from Bernama's office in Washington as claimed by Lim.

"We received the statement in Kuala Lumpur and after verifying the source, we decided to run the story," he said.

Jaafar also said he could not understand why Lim had questioned and also descrived as a hoax another report released by Bernama on Aug 18 quoting a US-based group, the National Center for Public Policy Research.

"How could the report be a hoax when the Washington Times newspaper had published the same report," he said. - BERNAMA

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