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Klang OCPD Endorses SUHAKAM Report
By tv3

4/9/2001 10:27 pm Tue

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

Today, Tues Sep 04 2001, the Sessions Court Shah Alam heard the case of the "illegal" assembly, that happened on the Kesas Highway, late last year.

In the dock was the Klang OCPD. (We shall not waste time mentioning him by name as we believe a "pig by any other name is still a PIG").

He was asked by YB Teng (one of the panel lawyers), "I put it to you that the many injuries suffered by the defendants, were the result of police BRUTALITY!"

**(By the way the proceeding was in Malay but brought to this forum in English for the benefit of our international readers)**

When there was no reply from the OCPD after the question was repeated 3 times, the learned judge had to intervene and instructed the witness to answer the question.

"YES Your honour. I AGREE!" By so replying, the intelligent OCPD had actually endorsed SUHAKAM's finding of blatant human rights abuse by the police! Outright insubordination of his uniform and political bosses who had both dismissed the Report as "biased"!

Conclusion. The OCPD's IQ is reflective of that of the Malaysian Police force. Grossly UNDER average!

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